Restless Legs Syndrome – Nutritional Support Plan

We are looking for volunteers to try our Restless Legs Syndrome Protocol! Here is the link to the RLS Protocol and also a Recipe Section that may be helpful - but do read on to understand a little more about why we put this together.

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) can be a total pain! It’s poorly understood by the medical community, although they are researching more and more and some ideas as to its root causes have started to surface. But there doesn’t appear to be an easy fix.

However, in the last couple of years, we’ve become increasingly accepting of the work of Anthony Williams, also known as The Medical Medium. His ideas just resonated with both of us about all sorts of conditions (including Uterine Fibroids, Acne, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr/Chronic Fatigue and SIBO to name a few). Although as a source this is unconventional, Anthony Williams has proven success and all his information is in line with the modern, natural approach to health – it’s just decades ahead of its time.
According to Anthony Williams, there are many possible causes of restless legs, but all effect the nerve impulses in the brain and central nervous system. An overload of heavy metals is one reason the nerve impulses can be affected, along with pathogen activity and gastrointestinal problems. As it’s not always easy to work out which one may be affecting you, or if more than one is affecting you, the best place to start is a diet that is aimed at reducing your toxic load and supporting the immune system to deal with any viruses.

So we’ve done just this in a protocol that is based on the ideas of Anthony Williams, including his view on what supplements provide the most benefit. However, rather than simply reproducing his knowledge, we also include our own understanding of Naturopathic Nutrition (we are both qualified Naturopathic Nutritionists) and how to make these changes in a realistic way.

We love nutrition and feel it is a key part to making your way down the road towards better health and well-being. However, being Naturopaths, we also believe in staying open to other approaches beyond the foods you eat/do not eat. So we’ve included other methods to help promote change, in particular, essential oils which we both passionately believe in! Their benefits for digestion and the immune system are well known, but they go way beyond this and can support not just physical health, but emotional health too. Essential oils are nature's gift to us, providing us with a beautifully intoxicating system that works without the multitude of dangerous side effects of modern medicines This isn’t just airy-fairy stuff – there is a huge amount of research behind essential oils. We’ve both always felt that nature, in its purest form, be that as foods or essential oils, has all the answers to our health problems, without the need for too much human interference.

At the moment we are looking for volunteers to try our protocols. There is no charge, and no obligation to give feedback, but it would be welcomed.

The Protocols may require huge changes for some people, but all we ask is that you do as much as you can. Aiming for perfection is not usually helpful, so just go at your own pace and ideally, these changes will become a lifestyle habit. And remember, patience is definitely required!


Olivia & Rachel


  1. Hi Olivia & Rachel,
    I have tried several hard core diets over the last 3 years. I followed a strict paleo diet for over a year which made no difference to my severe RLS. I then tweaked it for a further 6 months by making it low FODMAPS pale. Still made no difference to my RLS.
    I then noticed a post by Raffs on the RLS UK help forum that he had become vegan and had found his severe RLS had improved. So, I ditched the paleo and low FODMAPS and became vegan 3 months ago.
    I noticed an improvement after 3 weeks but did not post about it on the forum because I thought it might have been either placebo effect or a period of remission.
    I am therefore very interested in diet and supplements but am reluctant to stop my vegan diet and existing supplement regime as it is helping me so much.
    I am reluctant to stop my vegan diet to try another as I am feeling so much better by following it.
    I firmly believe that the disturbance of our microbiomes in the gut is responsible for many diseases and I think probiotics like VSL and Symprove are essential, but very expensive. I also eat prebiotics ( organic raw saurkraut) daily.
    I hope my anecdotal diet story helps a little with your study.
    If your protocol is a vegan diet ( or variation of it) I would be happy to sign up.
    I wish you all the best in your study,
    joolsg on the help forum

    1. Hi Julie, thank you for that, it’s really helpful to hear from people how diet has helped. It’s so true about the microbiome, and basically how so many health issues come down to gut health. The protocol doesn’t have to be vegan, but it is along those lines. An almost vegan diet is recommended for those with really bad RLS (and I personally think totally vegan – as long as it’s a healthy vegan diet – is going to be the best bet), but to start with there are some key ways to remove toxins, which I know from a couple of people has been enough for them. So you might find that just adding this in to what you are already doing would be enough. I’ve now put a direct link to the protocol at the top of the blog, so do just download it and see what you think. I’d be really interested to know. Thanks again for your info, that’s really helpful, Olivia 🙂

  2. Came across your website via RLS post at Agree with u on getting rid of toxins to treat RLS. I had severe RLS for years as well as arthritis. When I eliminated all animal based foods from my diet and just consumed plant based foods RLS during waking hours stopped and arthritis disappeared. I still get an attack of RLS after about 3-5 hours of sleep which stretching for 10 minutes resolves. I take a minimal dose of gabapentin at bedtime. Otherwise RLS hits me after 1 hour sleep. Have tried essential oils but made things worse. Looking for ways to tweak my diet to get off gabapentin so interested in considering your protocol. I’m 81, very active, no other health problem. I follow closely the research reported by Dr Greater. I’m sure u are familiar with his nutrition facts website. His latest post is about the toxic load of dioxin, PCBs, heavy metals, etc, that meat contribute. I am sure getting rid of these toxins is what helped me. That blog is at

    1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the link, I haven’t heard of him actually so will definitely take a look as that sounds very in line with a lot of the information I go off. I’m also interested to hear how diet and getting rid of toxins has helped you, not just with the RLS but also the arthritis. Essential oils are a funny thing, as I’ve found them incredibly helpful but at times I’ve overdone it and then have a reaction, so am always very cautious around them and keeping to small doses. It’s always tempting to think more is better, but feel that’s not the case with them. So I’ve put the protocol as a link now into the blog (right at the top) so people can just go straight to it. I hope it helps, even though it sounds like you are doing a lot, but you might find the specific things, such as coriander (as a heavy metal chelator) really help. I hope so! Thanks again for your info, Olivia 🙂

    1. Hi Tyler, Sorry for slow response. I’ve now added the protocol as a direct link at the top of the blog. Just to be aware, if your RLS is very severe and you are on medications for it, you really do need to take it slowly. But I really do hope it helps as I know RLS can really impact people’s lives. Olivia 🙂

    1. Hi Ann, Sorry for slow response, it’s been one of those weeks! I’ve now put the protocol as a direct link in the blog – right at the start. Any problems, let me know. I really hope it helps. Olivia 🙂

  3. I would like to know more about the nutritional plan and lifestyle program you are writing about. I have had Fibromyalgia and RLS for many years. Presently in Pramipexole which has helped me finally sleep at night but I know I should get off it in time…

    1. Hi Susan, I’ve now put a direct link to the RLS protocol at the top of the blog, but we’ve also looked into fibromyalgia too and have a protocol, but haven’t done a blog yet. I see your email address so will email it to you. I really hope they can help you. I would say that for people who have a lot of different health issues it can be worth doing this with the support of either Rachel or myself, but on the other hand I also know this isn’t always practical for people.
      Will email you in a bit with the other protocol, Olivia 🙂

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