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We are looking for volunteers to try our Acne Protocol!

Cystic Acne is a very common problem and can have a really negative impact on someone’s self-confidence. It’s often put down to clogged pores or excess hormones, particularly during puberty or a woman’s monthly cycle. However, in the last couple of years, we’ve become increasingly accepting of the work of Anthony Williams, also known as The Medical Medium. His ideas just resonated with both of us about all sorts of conditions (including Uterine Fibroids, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr/Chronic Fatigue, SIBO, Restless Legs Syndrome to name a few). Although as a source this is unconventional, Anthony Williams has proven success and all his information is in line with the modern, natural approach to health – it’s just decades ahead of its time.

According to his understanding, the root cause of cystic acne in most cases (although not all) is due to a pathogen overgrowth, specifically the streptococcus bacteria. This is why antibiotics can be helpful for some people who have a really bad case of acne. This is also why many people experience “flare ups”, as other factors, such as stress, poor diet and also the monthly cycle, will create pressure on the immune system, leaving the body open for increased pathogen activity.
The way forward is reducing the overgrowth of strep through reducing its food sources and killing it off directly. One key part is ensuring healthy stomach acid levels, as this kills off strep before it moves into the intestines. We’ve put together a protocol based on the ideas of Anthony Williams, including his view on what supplements provide the most benefit. However, rather than simply reproducing his knowledge, we also include our own understanding of Naturopathic Nutrition (we are both qualified Naturopathic Nutritionists) and how to make these changes in a realistic way.

We love nutrition and feel it is a key part to making your way down the road towards better health and well-being. However, being Naturopaths, we also believe in staying open to other approaches beyond the foods you eat/do not eat. So we’ve included other methods to help promote change, in particular, essential oils which we both passionately believe in! Their benefits for digestion and the immune system are well known, but they go way beyond this and can support not just physical health, but emotional health too. Essential oils are nature's gift to us, providing us with a beautifully intoxicating system that works without the multitude of dangerous side effects of modern medicines This isn’t just airy-fairy stuff – there is a huge amount of research behind essential oils. We’ve both always felt that nature, in its purest form, be that as foods or essential oils, has all the answers to our health problems, without the need for too much human interference.

At the moment we are looking for volunteers to try our protocols. There is no charge, although to get the most out of the plans we recommend you do buy as many of the recommended supplements as you can. We also ask that you let us know how it goes and what changes you notice.

The Protocols may require huge changes for some people, but all we ask is that you do as much as you can. Aiming for perfection is not usually helpful, so just go at your own pace and ideally, these changes will become a lifestyle habit. Also bear in mind that acne is cyclical, and what you might find is that the flare-ups still occur, but hopefully they will be less each time. Patience is definitely required!

Please contact one of us and we will send the protocol, along with plenty of recipe ideas to you.


Olivia & Rachel

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